Bay City Map 3

Bay City is divided into five neighborhoods: Downtown Bayside, containing Waldorf's Department Store; Uptown East Side with Corona Tower; the East Side Parks Area where we find Ai Kee!; Old Town East Side with Connel Street Skate Park; and Old Town West Side where City View Apartments (Garik Shayk's home) is located.

Garik travels 4 blocks to The Flower Shop (not pictured) on Sycamore owned by his girlfriend's parents. Ai Kee! is about 26 blocks away. Garik's aunt travels 6 blocks to visit Fasst Market when the Social Services monthly meal box runs low and she cannot get someone to make the grocery run for her.

Distances to Locations in Shattered by Glass: (from Garik's house/apartment)

Fasst Market - 6 blocks

Old City Hall - 8 blocks

Connel Street Skate Park - 10 blocks

Ransom Communications Building - 11 blocks

Kang's Garage - 18 blocks by way of the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Kerre's Dive - 21 blocks (a place 17-year-old Garik knows of but would never visit)

We Got Junk - 10 blocks

Ai Kee! - 26 blocks

City Hall - 18 blocks

Masti's Deli - 17 blocks

Corona Tower - 20 blocks

Argyle Station - 17 blocks via seven-block long Vista Drive

Waldorf's Department Store - 23 blocks

Williams Street Apartments - 32 blocks (The complex stretches 9 blocks.)

The Docks and Harbor Shipyards - 34 blocks

Central Park - 24 blocks

Swizzel's Shoes - 19 blocks

The Luncheon Lady - 19 blocks

Stanwick Hill - 19 blocks

Additional City Locations Introduced in Later Books:

Interstate Transport Depot - 21 blocks

St. Anne's Church - 11 blocks

Bay City High School - 31 blocks

Bay City Police Department - 22 blocks

Stanners Tower - 13 blocks

First United Church - 13 blocks

Bay City Medical Building - 20 blocks by way of the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Robeson Technologies Warehouse - 23 blocks by way of the Avenue G/Buda Street overpass

LUCKY! Station - 14 blocks just across the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Shady Ridge Acres - 10 blocks north

Overlook Estates - Just over 20 blocks (backs up to Corona Tower)

Howie's Hoagies - 22 blocks by way of the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Pill Hill - Approximately 20 blocks (adjacent to Corona Tower)

Tower Free Zone - 5 blocks

Bay City Fitness Run - 8 blocks (starting location)

The Cliffs - 8 blocks

Bay City Transportation Department - 18 blocks

Bay City Airport - 40 minutes south (take Sycamore towards the highway; then look for Airport signs)

Bay City Cassel Bay

Garik Shayk enjoys exploring his home town.

The shore is especially fascinating to him, especially when he can convince his girlfriend, Marisa, to join him.

Garik has explored the city wharf with its four massive docks, but he has also made his way to Cassel Dunes. It's a short distance from the city. Look for Clam Cove and Birch Inlet. Make your way over the narrow isthmus of land connecting the northern and southern sections of Cassel Dunes, and you'll find yourself surrounded by the sea.

If it's low tide, you can cross to the northernmost section of the Dunes. Watch the time, or you may be wading on the way back! A storm breached the dunes back in the early part of the 20th century, leaving Widow's Washout as a challenge for the brave of heart.

You can still see the submerged ledge where Cassel Bay Light stood in the mid-nineteenth century, but there's nothing left now. The lighthouse was wooden, and it burned to the ground little more than a decade after it was constructed.

Divers often anchor off Cassel Dunes, or near Seal Rocks or Dead Man's Ledge. Modern depth finders keep ships safe, and you can dive to view the four best-preserved wrecks in Cassel Bay: the SS Johannesburg (1901); the Amelia Caroline (1841), the Rescue, a tugboat, (1936); and the SS Galveston (1888). All are lodged in shallow water, and you can snorkel them at low tide.

Garik has never been to Seal Rocks or Dead Man's Ledge, but they are visible at low tide, and he imagines that someday he might. Once he gets his Street Strider working ... and gets out of school ... and gets out from under the thumb of his aunt's boyfriend ... and finally kisses his girlfriend for the first time ... and, and, well ... someday.

We first visit the waterfront and Cassel Bay in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Series, Shattered by Glass.

Right-click on the map, open it in a new window, and you can enlarge it for greater detail. Enjoy your visit to Cassel Bay!


Corona Tower Research Complex Book 3

More of the top secret Corona Tower Research Complex opens up to Garik as Book 3 opens.

Garik visits IT Oversight and Security in the main offices on Level 1 where he meets Jeffrey Howard and Andrew Miner.

Garik is also upgraded from his first studio apartment and given a one-bedroom unit with a full kitchen in Corona City, the colloquial name given to the housing area shared by the successful hybrids and the researchers. His ZBoard, the electric skateboard he rides, travels with him, and Joseph Howard (unrelated to Jeffrey) and Tyrone Brown install the board's charging station for him.

Garik Shayk spends time in the racquetball courts on Level 2 in the recreation area. The racquetball courts are located just over the natatorium one floor down.

Garik spends time in the natatorium on Level 3 where he discovers a special propensity for remaining underwater a very long time, one perk (if he can call it that) from his developing hybrid body.

Book 3 opens with Garik visiting Dr. Jamie Jimenez on Level 4 in the hospital, not because of illness, but to grovel in an attempt to save a fellow hybrid's life.

Once again, Garik returns to Level 5 where the hybrids who are being parceled out for research wind up. Jantzen Hefferly sends him there on a mission, one that will change Garik's view of one of his most dreaded foes.

Corona Tower Research Complex

The Corona Tower Research Complex is top secret and unknown to anyone who does not have access to enter the massive facility.

The five floors making up the complex get progressively smaller the farther down you go. A third of Level 1 is underground parking. The twin shafts of the Corona Tower elevator cut through all five levels, but secondary elevators are found throughout the complex. None open directly to the underground garage except two in the research lab section on Level 2 and one providing direct access from the garage to the hospital on Level 4. These are only available to the researchers or hospital staff as both locations require passkey access. Admittance to Levels 2-5 is highly restricted for even those who have received clearance to enter the topmost level of the secretive and highly protected research facility.

Corona City is the colloquial name given to the housing area shared by the successful hybrids and the researchers.

Garik Shayk is housed on Basement Level 2 when Book 2, Inside the Darkness, opens. He eats on Level 1, trains on Level 3, and has been hospitalized on multiple occasions on Level 4. Garik's first exposure to the underground complex is on Level 5 in Book 1, Shattered by Glass, and it is a nightmare he will never forget.

Bay City Map Silverback 2

Book 4 opens with Garik driving into the garage of the Ransom Communications Building.

We also learn about the service tunnel that leads from the basement parking garage of the Ransom under Park Avenue and exits onto the powerline right-of-way.

Look for the Robeson Technologies Warehouse listed on this map as Dieter's indoor skate park.

LUCKY! Station plays a vital role in Book 4, as do The Flower Shop and Old City Hall. 

For the first time, we find Interstate Transport and Argyle Station listed on one of our maps. Ninth Street runs for about 40 blocks east and west, and Sycamore runs for 40 blocks north and south. 

St. Anne's (not shown), the church Garik attends, is south of Argyle Station, separated by the upscale Cliffs neighborhood (also not shown). First United Congregation, the Police Department, and the City Transportation Department (all not shown) are located within the area just south of the new City Hall.

Kerre's Dive (not shown) is located between Ai Kee! and LUCKY! Station. Bay City Medical and the Industrial Park (both not shown) are just east of the old Robeson Technologies Warehouse, now serving as Dieter's private indoor skate park.

The Connel Street Skate Park is not shown on this map, but it is located midway between The Flower Shop and LUCKY! Station.

The final chapters of Reflections of the Silverback happen within the basement confines of the Corona Tower. You can find those maps under Explore Bay City.