Argyle Station

Bay City is a regional center for shipping, with in-bound goods arriving at The Docks and traveling by rail across the country. Argyle Station (along with Interstate Transport) provides transportation for those goods.

Argyle Station is the train terminal that services these goods, with tracks coming in from the south and heading back out the same way. The switching station comprises double slipovers for loading and unloading.

Rail traffic to Argyle Station flows north under the First Street viaduct west of Magnolia and continues under the Ninth Street viaduct, also just west of Magnolia. Magnolia ends at Ninth, deadending into Argyle Station and leading directly into the parking garage. Magnolia used to run another four very long city blocks to Circleview, then four more blocks to Shorefront Blvd. When Argyle Station was expanded in the 1970s and again in the 2010s, the tracks and yards consumed Magnolia between Ninth and Circleview. Interstate Transport took the rest of Magnolia between Circleview and Shorefront.

The station and yard now vie for a tie with Corona Tower Mall in size. The mall around Corona Tower amounts to 64 city blocks. Argyle Station surpasses that, but only if you include the rail's right-of-way from Ninth south to First.

Argyle Station's easy access to Bay City via Ninth to Sycamore makes it a popular jumping off spot for travelers to start their visit to historic Bay City. The station also offers lodgings, the Traveler's House for upscale visitors and Budg-O-Friendly for the cash-conscious. Car rentals are through national chains, and popular eateries are The Caboose for steaks, Right Side of the Tracks for casual fare, and Bakon-n-Eggs with a 24-hour breakfast menu.

Train spotting at Argyle Station is a popular pastime for many Bay City residents. Day trips run up and down the coast, and the Bay City commuter line connects to larger cities south and east.

From Corona Tower, to get to Argyle Station, take Sycamore south 6 blocks, go west on Ninth 15 blocks, and a right at Magnolia will deliver you directly into the parking garage.

The trains can be heard from Garik's bedroom in City View Apartments as a low rumble in the middle of the night.

We first discover Argyle Station in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.