Airman Megan Franke

Airman Megan Franke serves her country as a warfare specialist.

Franke's job makes her perfect to observe Garik Shayk's physical progress toward becoming the military's newest super soldier, as Garik is designed as a weapon to be implemented in time of war. Franke needs to observe how he can be best deployed to achieve the military's goals.

Franke has a husband and two children who know she is military but have no idea what goes on in the Tower's basements. One weekend a month, the family takes a room in the Stamford Suites section of the Tower and enjoys the Tower's pool and the Stamford Suites Grill. They receive a substantial discount due to Franke's position in the research center, the only way they can afford the prices for the luxury accommodations.

Franke is known to the concierge, Gunther Diehl, by name and finds him charming.

We first meet Airman Megan Franke in Book 8 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Sunchaser's Gambit.