Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is the star at Ai Kee!

Kevin won a national championship just the previous year and is being courted for movie roles by Hollywood. He is tempted by the money but can’t bear to break away from his high-energy, tightly tuned lifestyle. Besides, he’s attracted to Callie Fornya, an ex-Olympian employee of the Center, even though he can’t seem to get a date.

Leave it like you found it, cleaner if you can is Kevin's motto. He is often seen outside of Ai Kee! in black turtlenecks. He coaches Halo Sunchaser from Corona Tower. Kevin's connection to Hollywood comes from Boris Lindemann who lives in Corona Tower and hopes to ride Kevin's fame to Hollywood and beyond as the young star makes it big in movies.

We first meet Kevin in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.