T’Wana Dolalas

T'Wana Dolalas is a physical therapist. She has a pronounced jaw, with big features, and she has endured a lifelong struggle with her weight. She has a kind smile, and a common expression people hear around T'Wana is, "Sheesh, girl!" 

T'Wana has survived two divorces and for the time being is keeping her distance from men. She keeps a pet lizard to remind herself that not all creatures need to be mixed with human DNA. They are perfectly fine the way God made them.

T'Wana hopes someday to have dinner with the esteemed Weston Rodheimer.

T'Wana's workmates often call her Tee in casual conversation.

We first meet T'Wana in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.