Chow Down

Chow Down is the casual open-air dining establishment in the food court on the ground floor of Corona Tower.

It's there for one reason only, a social front to ease the public impact of the research facility located in the Tower's secretive and off-limits basement levels. The inexpensive prices encourage the public to visit, and Chow Down is usually crowded, especially on the days following evening "events" on the attached Corona Mall.

Chow Down is the only dining option in the food court, but the dining choices are as varied as anyone could ask for. The eatery comprises the entire food court and features glass walls that rise into the Tower's superstructure, exposing a defining feature of the Tower's construction. The forty-story building rests on brick and steel stanchions with a central elevator at the core, like a giant spider ready to prey on its next meal. Chow Down is next to the elevator shaft, with seating spread out over the rest of the space. On its busiest days, Chow Down expands its seating area into the mall.

There is no crowd too large for Chow Down to host. Everyone is welcome! 

We first visit Chow Down in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.