The Docks

The Docks is Bay City's connection to the world.

At least that was true 150 years ago. Now, of course, there's Bay City Airport, Interstate Transport, and Argyle Station. And a highway system that makes travel in and out of Bay City eminently easy and feasible.

Still, The Docks continues to keep Bay City a vital hub of shipping commerce for the U.S. West Coast. Interstate Transport ferries goods in and out, and The Docks allows ships of all sizes to access those goods for delivery to Asia, South America, Oceania, Africa, and beyond.

The Docks consists of a number of wharves and four principal docks. Dock A is the longest and can accommodate the largest cruise ships or cargo vessels. Docks B-D are a third as long but can handle most small to midsize vessels and many larger ships. 

Trucks from Interstate Transport access The Docks by taking Circleview east to Puritan, then north four blocks to Shorefront. Take a right, and The Docks are on the left, running along the shore for twelve blocks.

If goods need to be delivered by rail, Argyle Station abuts Interstate Transport. Cranes regularly offload salt-encrusted shipping containers from Interstate Transport's trucks directly onto rail cars at Argyle Station's rail yard.

The Docks' main draw for shipping is its location in a protected harbor. With the fist of Cassel Dunes to the west extending out into the ocean and the floodlands abutting Harbor Shipyards to the east, even in the worst weather, The Docks remains fully functional and able to load and offload goods 365 days a year.

We first visit The Docks in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.