Giselle Harmon

Giselle Harmon first meets Garik Shayk at an event on the Corona Mall. She is wearing a pirate mask, so her face is hidden.

Garik recognizes her the next time he meets her by the way she rests her chin in her hand and holds her head. Giselle is a tease, and she likes to flirt. It is part of her personality but also a ploy for Paolo Leveen's affection. She has a crush on Paolo, even though she knows his heart belongs to his childhood friend he left behind when he entered the human-hybrid project.

Giselle's ability is to liquify and resolidify her body, a characteristic derived from her sea cucumber DNA. Giselle knows she is beautiful and plays it for all she is worth.

We first meet Giselle in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.