The Director's Office

The Director of Corona Tower is Weston Rodheimer, the initial participant in the human-hybrid trials.

His directorship is due to his ruthless disregard for human rights that stems from his wife's death in a skiing accident and Rodheimer's ill-thought-out rush to push the research ahead in the mistaken hope that it might somehow provide an avenue to bring some part of her back to life. When Rodheimer's DNA was combined with that of a silverback gorilla, not only did he receive the gorilla's massive upper body girth, he lost all human connection to empathy and compassion.

Rodheimer has matching offices, one on the lobby level in the aboveground Tower and a second in the basement research complex. The difference comes mostly in the glass walls that open up the Tower office and the computer-generated screen walls in the basement.

In both the Tower and the basement, when you exit the elevator, go left. The office is on the north side of the Tower, providing light but little sun in the heat of Bay's City's scorching summers. Because Corona Tower is rotated counter-clockwise on a northwest-southeast orientation, Rodheimer's Tower office is illuminated with the golden rays of the winter sun every afternoon and evening.

The door simply says The Director. No one needs more. They are all aware of just who the Director is. Weston Rodheimer never lets them forget.

We first visit the Director's office in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.