Airman Collette Stephenson

Airman Collette Stephenson is a stocky, no-nonsense military type. 

Stephenson comes from a long family line of Air Force notables. Her great-grandfather, Adlai Stephenson, flew in the Korea Conflict, distant cousins Frank and Essie in Vietnam, and her father, Keith, in Afghanistan. They each received commendations for excellence, and Airman Stephenson is determined that she will live up to the legacy handed down to her.

The Airman discounts her grandfather, Victor, who faced court-martial for passing secrets to Iran during the Iran-Iraq years. His memory is a stain that drives the Airman to be better, fly higher, and excel in everything Air Force.

We first meet Stephenson in Book 9 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Electrified Sword.