Tower Free Zone

The Tower Free Zone isn't an official place in Bay City, but it does have clearly defined borders.

The Zone is centered between Sycamore and The Cliffs to the west, although only a portion of that area. It covers Birch to Cherrywood, and the entire block of streets between First and Ninth, including Stanners Tower and the We Got Junk resale shop, although We Got Junk opens directly to Ninth and the resale shop's business during the Tower Free period was never impeded. Stanners Tower maintained access along Elm from Ninth. The block of Elm from Eighth to Ninth remained outside the Tower Free Zone, as the old money in Stanners wanted nothing to do with the Take the City movement that precipitated the creation of the Tower Free Zone.

When the Tower Free Zone was in operation during the city riots, barricades were set up (several consisting of wrecked cars), and to enter the Zone, you had to sign a document stating that you were a free person and didn't owe allegiance to Corona Tower or Bay City.

The Tower Free Zone was disbanded when order was reestablished in Bay City. The area turned into a trendy hotspot for bohemian nightclubs and boutique hotels, with TFZ (Tower Free Zone) bronze markers in the streets and caps and tee shirts for purchase that say, "I Visited the Tower Free Zone," over a stitched port scene representing Bay City.

We first learn of the Tower Free Zone in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.