Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is only sixteen.

Skinny, he tries to mimic the success of those at The Martial Arts Center but always bumbles the moves. Gregarious, he laughs off his faults and jumps in to try again.

Daniel is in Wajeha Nayef's class at Bay City High, and Garik Shayk recognizes him from there, but they don't really know one another.

Daniel works as The Martial Arts Center’s janitor to help out his family. His father was injured in Afghanistan and his mother is a cashier at Fasst Market. You might think that Daniel would be resentful that he is forced to work and give his paycheck to his family, but he is so excited to be at The Martial Arts Center that he would show up for free and not care.

Daniel is the fun little brother everyone loves but wants to fob off on someone else. His antics wear on those around him.

We first meet Daniel in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.