Corona Tower Tour

Corona Tower and Stamford Suites

Garik Shayk's familiarity with Corona Tower was once a dream.

Now it has become a nightmare he can never escape. Even the finest of jails is still a jail, no matter how nicely decorated.

Garik has climbed to the top, and now all he wants to do is run. 

If only he had wings .... but then he's had wishes granted he wishes he could undo. 

Garik's first visit to Corona Tower's glass-encased wonders is in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, when Kevin Lee arranges for Garik and his girlfriend, Marisa Bruni, to meet with Halo Sunchaser for a brief tour. When Sunchaser is pulled away, Gunther Diehl from Stamford Suites continues their tour, and they visit the Stamford Suites Grill and the pool on the Seventh Floor.

Garik returns to the upper floors of the Tower in Book 8, Sunchaser's Gambit, when Weston Rodheimer offters him the passkey to a penthouse suite, one that recently housed Jantzen Hefferly before his disgraced exit from the Tower and the research project.

Floors 8-39 are not referenced in The Human-Hybrid Project, but that doesn't mean they are vacant or unused. Corona Corporation has its fingers in many, many pies, not all of which are entirely aboveboard. And all that computing capability for the gene-splicing technology that makes the research center viable? The mainframes have to be located somewhere.

Explore the upper floors of the Corona Tower and see if it's a place you'd like to call home ... or to work at on the mysterious floors where no one knows just what's behind each closed door.