Howie's Hoagies

Howie's Hoagies food trucks are a regular sight across Bay City, especially near The Martial Arts Center, Bay City High, Central Park, and just about anywhere you might find foot traffic. 

Howie's Hoagies is located at Pansy and Monroe. From Sycamore, take First Street east past Park across the powerline right-of-way. In four blocks, go north on Monroe for a block, and you will see Howie's Hoagies on the right. The building is a multi-story brick art deco pile, but Howie's is glass-fronted and modern with yellow-and-green-striped awnings and tables on the sidewalk. 

Everyone loves Howie's. As their logo says, The Best Sandwiches in Town!

Howie's also caters and does private parties. Just call ahead. They will feed you when and where you need them to be.

We never visit Howie's Hoagies in the story, but we see our first Howie's Hoagies delivery truck in Book 4 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Reflections of the Silverback.