Stephen Klandermans

Stephen Klandermans has been modified with narwhal DNA for the purpose of bone regeneration. It is hoped that if successful, Stephen's adaptation will provide a viable genetic database for future travelers between the stars. 

Stephen has gray eyes and kinky blond hair normally worn in wiry dreads and favors tattered clothes which he chooses for comfort rather than style.

Stephen is quick to flash a smile, but he can also run over other people. He doesn't see his own flaws and so finds no reason to modify his interactions with others, even when they create conflicts. 

Stephen's home burned at age 13. He was at fault, although he's never told anyone. He weaves medicinal "amulets" into his dreadlocks and calls Devon "Dev."

Stephen was a gymnast in his native South Africa. He still sees himself as gymnast material, but others often get injured when he shows off.

We first meet Stephen in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.