Airman Molly Boggs

Airman Molly Boggs is the senior logistics coordinator for the military team assigned to the human-hybrid program.

Boggs, along with all the military who work in the Tower's basement facility, is aware of what the program entails. 

Her job includes assuring efficient movement of troops in and out of the facility; evaluating reports on conflict resolutions between military personnel and hybrids; and organizing training records and work logs. If you fail to show up for duty, Airman Boggs is the one you'll deal with.

Boggs also ensures military carriers, shipping and receiving personnel, and other logistical areas comply with safety standards and legal requirements, as far as they impact the military personnel quartered on the basement's upper level.

We first meet Airman Boggs in Book 8 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Sunchaser's Gambit.