Annie Vanschooneveld

Annie Vanschooneveld is the Tower's Foreign Affairs Attaché. 

Originally of Dutch extraction, her family changed its surname from van Schooneveld to the more western Vanschooneveld after the war ended in the Forties. It seemed the modern thing to do, although now, at times, Annie regrets her family not retaining their name's root spelling.

Annie travels and is only occasionally in Bay City for events on the Tower mall or other social occasions. As the foreign affairs attaché, Annie coordinates the interests of other countries' militaries with those of Corona Corporation. America first! That's Corona's corporative stance, although Annie's job is to present the research done in the basement of Corona Tower as a cooperative endeavor.

Annie is slender, with dark eyes and big teeth accentuated by bright red lipstick. She keeps her hair pulled back, with long bangs covering her eyebrows.

Annie's brother cut her out of his life years before. She hopes one day that her position on the international scene will convince him that she deserves a second chance.

Annie likes Devon Maye, but her job comes first. They date when she is in Bay City, which is not often enough for Devon.

We first meet Annie in Book 3 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Mirror Cracks.