Robbie Icardi

Robbie Icardi is fifteen, two years younger than his good friend, Garik.

Robbie also lives in City View Apartments, where Garik and Marisa live. Robbie thinks he is God’s gift to the opposite sex, but he is really a skinny boy the girls like to tease. He keeps his hair perfectly styled and prefers his clothes crisply creased and his shoes polished and spotless, unlike his casually dressed friends.

Garik used to stay over when his aunt had to work late when he was younger. Garik thinks of Robbie as a little brother, and Robbie looks up to the older boy as his role-model, although he doesn't think of it that way. To Robbie, if Garik does something in a certain way, goes a certain place, or likes certain people, then that's Robbie's benchmark.

Needless to say, despite Garik's love of skateboarding, Robbie has never mounted a skateboard, and as he will tell anyone who ribs him about it, he hopes he never does.

We first meet Robbie in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.