Kerre's Dive is a bar in a transitioning part of Bay City. The Medical District is 5 blocks east, the Industrial Park 15 blocks south, and the City Transportation Department and The Martial Arts Center 4 blocks northwest and northeast, respectively. 

Kerre's aims for a discreet, upscale experience for its patrons, with lighted parking, smoked glass windows, and valet parking on weekends. Before the joint was Kerre's, it was a game room, and before that, a garage for a defunct taxi service, Bay City Taxi. The bar is decorated with remnants of its taxi past, including the hood of an old taxi with the logo from the original company. 

We first hear about Kerre's Dive in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.


Ai Kee! is owned by Gerry Mandering and is located in The Parks section of East Side Bay City in The Martial Arts Center. Ai Kee!'s star attraction is Kevin Lee, the winner of a national championship the previous year.

While part of The Martial Arts Center, Ai Kee! fronts on Ninth Street. The easiest way to access Ai Kee! is either by Park Avenue or Sycamore and east on Ninth, or go east on First past Park and take a left on Cleveland. Cleveland will go north five blocks and curve right, ending at The Martial Arts Center and Ai Kee!

Ai Kee! is located 26 blocks from Garik's house and 17 blocks from Corona Tower.

Marisa Bruni and Halo Sunchaser both take lessons at Ai Kee! Halo Sunchaser's instructor at Ai Kee! is Kevin Lee. At the start of Book 1, Shattered by Glass, Marisa is certain Kevin doesn't know who she is, although she has spoken with him on occasion.

We first visit Ai Kee! in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

The Martial Arts Center is located in the old Shepherd Bag and Textile Mill. 

Much of the old mill is no longer standing, opening up parking and outdoor space for various Center activities, but the mill's main building still stands and comprises the Center's vast workout areas and competition facilities.

The Center rents space to tenants, such as Abby's (women's outdoor wear), Fruits and Juice (a juice and sandwich bar), and Ai Kee! (a martial arts training facility), and more. 

The Center also hosts competitions and sends athletes to far-flung locations, such as South Africa, and has established a name for itself in the martial arts world.

The Center hosts Kevin Lee's Hollywood film audition in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

While not physically centered in Bay City, Central Park is central to Bay City's efforts to provide the best life possible for Bay City's residents. 

The park consists of 120 acres of land that was set aside at Bay City's founding as an "outdoor venue for agricultural, educational, and city activities, where the city's citizens can gather for their health and benefit." Today, a ten-acre duck pond, ball fields, and trails lined with outdoor exercise stations dot the acreage. 

Central Park is a gem in Bay City's efforts to provide a wholesome and inviting way of life to the people who call Bay City home.

Central Park is located at Ninth and Park, and bounded by Rock Island on the north and Fifth on the east. Just across Park is the upscale north Forest Avenue area, including the ritzy, high-style brownstone-style townhouses built in the 1920s on Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Paintbrush, and Daisy streets now known as Pill Hill. Pill HIll once abutted the old medical facility located in Corona Tower's current location, and the townhouses were just what the doctors ordered: location, location, location, for easy access to their place of employment. In the 1940s, many of the original brownstone-style townhouses were demolished to build grander mansions, but a number of the classically styled residences remain.

Located between the beautiful Central Park and Corona Tower's upscale shopping district, Pill Hill is still one of the city's best areas to own a residence.

Central Park is one block from The Martial Arts Center and 24 blocks from Garik Shayk's home in City View Apartments.

We first see Central Park in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Bay City Police Department is mentioned in Book 1, Shattered by Glass, but Garik Shayk is basically a good boy, a rule follower, a young man who observes the law as it makes sense to him, and he has yet to have a reason to actually cross the threshold of the Defenders in Blue who keep the city safe. He sees police cruisers patrolling the city, and he's aware of the aura of safety that the highly efficient police force gives Bay City, but the inner workings of the police department are abstract and mysterious things to Garik.

Garik is also peripherally aware that he sees fewer patrol cars in his area of Old Town than in the ritzier sections of the city. It's just the way the city is run.

Police Headquarters takes up the entire block bordered by Park Avenue on the east, Sixth on the north, Eisenhower on the west, and Fifth on the south. The parking garage used by the police force is just to the west, across Eisenhower, and is bordered by Sixth, Fifth, and Douglas Street. The northwest corner of the block containing the parking garage abuts the southeast corner of the oversized block where City Hall commands its view of the Corona Tower and the waterfront in the distance. Both Police Headquarters and City Hall can be reached via an underground corridor running beneath the streets by taking the garage elevator to the basement level.

Garik passes Police Headquarters when he travels to school and back on the city bus. His route to Bay City High takes him north on Maple to First, east past Sycamore to Park Avenue, and north 18 blocks to the school. It's just another city building to Garik, with sidewalks, a wide front lawn, and the police cruisers and other paraphanelia tucked against the Eisenhower side of the building or located in the parking garage across Eisenhower.

Bay City Police Department fronts on Park Avenue, and just across the street a monument to the First Responders who keep the citizens of Bay City safe, no matter the risks they must face to do so, anchors a small park with ornamental plantings and benches.

Bay City Police Department enters into our story in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.