Downtown Bayside

Bay City Downtown Bayside

Downtown Bayside is the traditional heartbeat of Bay City.

Although Downtown Bayside is the name emblazoned on city maps, the area is better known as Bayside. Ask anyone who makes Bay City their home, and they will tell you they are heading to Bayside for the day, or out shopping in Bayside, or even write you directions saying, "Once you reach Bayside ..." They assume you will know exactly where they mean.

Shipping has been the lifeblood of Bay City since its inception in 1884, and while new industries have moved in, The Docks, Interstate Transport, and Argyle Station (trains) are as vital as ever. They are the lifeblood to much of the western United States.

To the east of The Docks, visit Harbor Shipyards. Protected by massive breakwater barriers, the Shipyards operates year-round, good weather and bad. No project is too large for the dry docks and gantry cranes at Harbor Shipyards. 

Williams Street Apartments runs for nine blocks along Shorefront, although the buildings open to the Williams Street side. However, the views from the back!! Balconies along Shorefront open to Cassel Bay for the view of a lifetime.

Waldorf's Department Store, an upscale shopping destination, anchors Downtown Bayside, perfect for the upscale apartments along Williams Street and the more established residences in Shady Ridge Acres. Shady Ridge offers views of the Bay without the smells or the noise. It's the perfect combination for those with a refined sense of what they want out of life.

An interesting note about Circleview, the street that runs from Interstate Transport to Pueblo twelve blocks away. Originally, Pueblo ran all the way to Puritan, the way Pawnee still does. When Interstate Transport extended Pueblo and named it Circleview, the name change went all the way to Sycamore through a clerical error at City Hall. The name stuck, the signs were eventually changed, and no one thinks anything any longer of changing from Pueblo to Circleview when crossing Sycamore, all without doing anything other than crossing the street!

Right-click on the map, open it in a new window, and you can enlarge it for greater detail. Enjoy your visit to Bay City!