Research Complex - The Mirror Cracks

Corona Tower Research Complex Book 3

More of the top secret Corona Tower Research Complex opens up to Garik as Book 3 opens.

Garik visits IT Oversight and Security in the main offices on Level 1 where he meets Jeffrey Howard and Andrew Miner.

Garik is also upgraded from his first studio apartment and given a one-bedroom unit with a full kitchen in Corona City, the colloquial name given to the housing area shared by the successful hybrids and the researchers. His ZBoard, the electric skateboard he rides, travels with him, and Joseph Howard (unrelated to Jeffrey) and Tyrone Brown install the board's charging station for him.

Garik Shayk spends time in the racquetball courts on Level 2 in the recreation area. The racquetball courts are located just over the natatorium one floor down.

Garik spends time in the natatorium on Level 3 where he discovers a special propensity for remaining underwater a very long time, one perk (if he can call it that) from his developing hybrid body.

Book 3 opens with Garik visiting Dr. Jamie Jimenez on Level 4 in the hospital, not because of illness, but to grovel in an attempt to save a fellow hybrid's life.

Once again, Garik returns to Level 5 where the hybrids who are being parceled out for research wind up. Jantzen Hefferly sends him there on a mission, one that will change Garik's view of one of his most dreaded foes.