Wajeha Nayef

Wajeha Nayef is in Daniel Kim's class at Bay City High. She has thick, black hair, dark eyes, and is mature for her age.

Wajeha also runs with Garik Shayk's crowd, but not as a direct friend of Garik's. Of course Garik knows her and can tease with her, but he spends time with Wajeha only as a peripheral friend of his real friends, Robbie Icardi, Muhammad Saud, Hayat al-Haber, and Ibn Hariri.

Wajeha has also had classes with Marisa Bruni, and she and Robbie are a sometimes romantic item, but Robbie and Wajeha are too young for a serious relationship. Robbie is fifteen and Wajeha about the same. No big deal, it's all fun and games to them.

Wajeha remains in the background in this series. We meet her in the second chapter of the first book in The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, and she is only referenced in Garik's memory after that.