Devon Maye

Devon Maye is the research facility's recreation planner and coordinator, an especially important job in the research complex. No one knows what skills each human-hybrid might develop, and Devon must plan for them all.

Devon is blond, fit, and tall, with pale coloring that reveals his Nordic heritage. He has a pronounced cowlick at his left temple which he is either unaware of or has accepted as a normal part of his appearance. Devon is single and in his mid-20s. He has been a winter sports nut since childhood and hopes to transfer to the Tower's Canadian complex when it is completed.

Devon bursts with energy and loves to talk, often to excess.

Devon's mother was an Olympic competitor in skiing who died of ALS, which has spurred him to take in life while he can. Who knows when you won't be able to any longer because it's all taken from you? Devon wears an outsized fanny pack filled with gear for the various physical challenges the project participants are expected to participate in.

Devon's favorite phrase to Garik is, "Right-o, kiddo." He wants to be seen as more than a jock and searches for ways for other people's approval.

We first meet Devon in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.