Ibn Hariri

Ibn Hariri is of Arabic extraction, although he has lived in America his entire life.

Ibn is part of Garik Shayk's "posse" and enjoys spending time at the Corona Tower food court with his friends.

Ibn wears his dark hair long, and he tries his best to prove his manhood by a beard, but it is scraggly, at best. A favorite phrase of his is "my friend," which Ibn picked up from his visits with his uncle in Azerbaijan. It's not unusual for Ibn to fashion his hair into dreads and oil them to increase their shine.

Ibn's favorite music is by the alt band Jezebel and the Sticks. He rides a bright yellow skateboard emblazoned with an Arabic graphic. It's Ibn's way of sinking a hook into his Arabic culture and making it his.

We first meet Ibn in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.  

Ibn returns in Book 4, Reflections of the Silverback, to play a major role along Garik's journey.