When Stars Collide

When Stars Collide Front Cover v3 reduced for web insertionThree engaging tales by a master of historical fiction!

Step back in time to when men were men . . .

. . . and women followed where they led. It's a time of military prowess, and a nation warring against itself.

In A Soldier's Tale, Becca Rains gives up a life of luxury and ease to become an officer's wife, although she never intended her small act of vengeance to take her from her family and into the narrow world of the United States Cavalry.

The Gold Nugget reveals the inner life of a soldier brutally injured in the War of the Rebellion, and his chance meeting with a dying man in an Army hospital. He leaves the desolation behind to find his fortune in the mountains of Colorado, never suspecting that riches cannot be found in the soil. 

A Reluctant Hero is the tale of a reticent Marine who receives an advancement in rank for his courageous actions on the battlefield and an unexpected visit from his well-intentioned sister.

When Stars Collide reveals the Civil War in a way you've not experienced, and you will be entranced.

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