Bay City - Reflections of the Silverback

Bay City Map Silverback 2

Book 4 opens with Garik driving into the garage of the Ransom Communications Building.

We also learn about the service tunnel that leads from the basement parking garage of the Ransom under Park Avenue and exits onto the powerline right-of-way.

Look for the Robeson Technologies Warehouse listed on this map as Dieter's indoor skate park.

LUCKY! Station plays a vital role in Book 4, as do The Flower Shop and Old City Hall. 

For the first time, we find Interstate Transport and Argyle Station listed on one of our maps. Ninth Street runs for about 40 blocks east and west, and Sycamore runs for 40 blocks north and south. 

St. Anne's (not shown), the church Garik attends, is south of Argyle Station, separated by the upscale Cliffs neighborhood (also not shown). First United Congregation, the Police Department, and the City Transportation Department (all not shown) are located within the area just south of the new City Hall.

Kerre's Dive (not shown) is located between Ai Kee! and LUCKY! Station. Bay City Medical and the Industrial Park (both not shown) are just east of the old Robeson Technologies Warehouse, now serving as Dieter's private indoor skate park.

The Connel Street Skate Park is not shown on this map, but it is located midway between The Flower Shop and LUCKY! Station.

The final chapters of Reflections of the Silverback happen within the basement confines of the Corona Tower. You can find those maps under Explore Bay City.