Paramilitary Team Member Luis Rodrigo is a leader in his group.

A early military hybrid, Rodrigo is a bear of a man. He is flawed, though, and to compensate, he wears a mask with an oxygen concentrator as a mouthpiece. He can survive without it, but helmetless, he is rendered ineffectual in the field.

We first meet Luis Rodrigo in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.

Paramilitary Team Member Samuel Jameson touts wiry blond hair.

He is more notable for a scar that runs down his face, received in a fight over a misplaced belt in his training barracks years before. Jameson likes to carry a stun gun, his way of evening the odds when he's against a superior opponent.

We first meet Samuel Jameson in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.

Paramilitary Team Member Wally Simpson could have been an aloof Roman god. His good looks appear chiseled from stone.

Simpson's chisel of choice in a fight is an electroknife, a device that vibrates to cut and can flay an opponent as easily as slipping a butter knife into a warm loaf of bread.

And Simpson finds the deed about as easy and even more appealing.

We first meet Wally Simpson in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.

Paramilitary Team Member Huey Hyatt is full ginger, more freckle than face, and bolder because of it.

Hyatt carries a knife holstered in his sleeve. He's quick to drop it into his hand in a fight. His favorite tactic is to slice tendons so that his teammates can go in for the kill at a more leisurely pace.

We first meet Huey Hyatt in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.

Paramilitary Team Member Barty Jenkins is a bruiser of a soldier.

He wears his blond hair short and spiked, and he dares anyone to suggest his earrings are less than manly.

Jenkins chose the paramilitary route when his confrontational side repeatedly came up against the military's rules and regulations.

Jenkins might enjoy all the hybrid extras bequeathed by his upgraded status, but he pushes it further. Daily workouts have turned his arms and legs into pistons that can crush bone, wood, and concrete.

Jenkins volunteered to "interrogate" John Carter but found someone he couldn't compete against when Garik Shayk effortlessly tossed him out the window.

We meet Barty Jenkins for the first and only time in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.