Ai Kee!

Ai Kee! is owned by Gerry Mandering and is located in The Parks section of East Side Bay City in The Martial Arts Center. Ai Kee!'s star attraction is Kevin Lee, the winner of a national championship the previous year.

While part of The Martial Arts Center, Ai Kee! fronts on Ninth Street. The easiest way to access Ai Kee! is either by Park Avenue or Sycamore and east on Ninth, or go east on First past Park and take a left on Cleveland. Cleveland will go north five blocks and curve right, ending at The Martial Arts Center and Ai Kee!

Ai Kee! is located 26 blocks from Garik's house and 17 blocks from Corona Tower.

Marisa Bruni and Halo Sunchaser both take lessons at Ai Kee! Halo Sunchaser's instructor at Ai Kee! is Kevin Lee. At the start of Book 1, Shattered by Glass, Marisa is certain Kevin doesn't know who she is, although she has spoken with him on occasion.

We first visit Ai Kee! in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.