Jantzen Hefferly's Apartment

Jantzen Hefferly's Corona Tower apartment is on the penthouse level, with full views west and south across Bay City.

The top floor of Corona Tower is divided into three apartments. Weston Rodheimer's apartment takes up half the top floor, covering nearly 14,000 square feet. The rest of the floor is divided into two units, making Jantzen's apartment half the size of Rodheimer's.

The apartment is a spacious two-bedrooms, with an expansive living area, dining area and small kitchen. The bedrooms have generous walls of windows, with private, luxurious baths. Much of the floor space is dedicated to entries, storage, and multiple alcoves, perfect for decorative artwork. 

Views from the apartment include Central Park to the southeast; The Martial Arts Center (and Ai Kee!) just past that; Bay City Medical Center; the Ransom Communications Building; and City View Apartments when the trees are bare in winter. To the west, Argyle Station and the Interstate Transport building are visible. There is a restricted view of The Docks and Cassel Dunes along the shore, as the Tower doesn't have a true north-south alignment.

We first visit Jantzen's apartment when Garik Shayk is moved to the upper floor of the Tower as a reward after Jantzen is lost to Halo Sunchaser's electrified sword. Later, the apartment becomes a way to monitor the youth, who seems entirely too adept at escaping the Tower's clutches to disappear into the city at large.

The best part of living in this apartment is looking across the city as it rises to crest along Stanwick Hill, topped by the Ransom and its spire of communication antennae thrusting into the sky.

We first visit Jantzen Hefferly's apartment in Book 8 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Sunchaser's Gambit.