Paramilitary Team Member Thomas Welling

Paramilitary Team Member Thomas Welling is a D.C. Comics fan, or he was before joining up for the hybridization process through Corona Corporation. 

Welling grew up watching the actor Tom Welling in the small screen version of Superman titled Smallville, and he felt an affinity for the superhero. In his mind, that's what he would become when he transformed from his ordinary self into his hybrid super solder persona. 

Welling even purchased a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses to complete the illusion.

Welling now bashes the face of anyone who suggests he has a connection to the show, to Superman, and especially to Tom Welling. His disappointment in his hybridized self has evolved into rage that he barely keeps contained.

Garik Shayk manages to contain Welling's rage when the hybrid goon decides to interrogate Garik's friend, John Carter, through undisguised torture. Welling ends us with his face mask crushed and his helmet shattered on the corner of an office filing cabinet.

We meet Thomas Welling for the first and only time in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.