Rockhaven Christmas

Rockhaven Christmas Cover Front v4 for Web InsertionKatie Carver is now married to Jeff Ragsdale, and this will be her first Christmas ever on Rockhaven Island.

However, a blizzard hits the island at the start of the season. Then come the rock-filled snowballs and a visit to the emergency room, as well as a fire at the Town Gazebo.

About the time Katie thinks she has everything under control, morning sickness hits. How will she ever manage the Christmas banquet? Everyone in town has been invited.

Then she has the children's Christmas play to organize, and she wonders if the live nativity scene will fall apart as well.

Her good friend Winnie Catron volunteers to step in and help out, but when her friend abandons her to stay with Katie's elderly cousin, things become an avalanche of errors.

It's a long-lost friend from a decade before showing up on Christmas day that tells Katie God is still in control. As her husband tells her, "On Rockhaven Island, everyone gets all their Christmas wishes, every one."

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