Old Town East Side

Bay City Old Town East Side

Old Town East Side is Garik Shayk's "homie" stomping ground.

However, if you asked Garik directions to a location in Old Town East Side, he would likely have a moment of confusion. To him, as to his fellow Bay City citizens, the area is simply East Side.

Visit the locations seventeen-year-old Garik enjoys with his friends, either on his skateboard or driving his Street Strider.

This map covers one-fourth of Bay City, from Sycamore on the west to the eastern borders of the city.

You can visit Kang's Garage where Garik found his abandoned Street Strider, and south of that, the warehouse Dieter's father rented to build his son an indoor skating park in Reflections of the Silverback.

Between Sycamore and Park Avenue is the outdoor skate park Garik and his friends visit on a regular basis, Connel Street Skate Park. East is the Powerline Right-of-Way and the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass that takes you towards the East Side Parks Area and the medical district and Bay City Medical. 

LUCKY! Station at Powerline Drive and Cowden is familiar to Garik. In Reflections of the Silverback, he visits LUCKY! with two fellow hybrids. When they suspect they are being followed, they escape across the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass and make their way deeper into the city.

Farther north is the new City Hall, the Bay City Police Department, and the City Transportation Department where Garik holes up in Taking the Tower. It's also where he learns why Jantzen Hefferly hurts so much when he rematerializes from his gaseous state.

Other places to look for are Central Park, the most beautiful place in Bay City; The Martial Arts Center, where Garik first meets Kevin Lee; and Kerre's Dive, where Garik's aunt Irina worked as a waitress before going on assistance and meeting her boyfriend, Arik Oblonsky. 

The Ransom Communications Building is located on Stanwick Hill in one of the oldest parts of Bay City. The streets just south of the Ransom are known as Far South Bay City (generally called the less cumbersome Far South) and still contain some of the most valuable real estate in the city. East across the Powerline Right-of-Way is more affordable, a struggling area that offers better prospects to businesses on a budget.

East Side is a step above the West Side where Garik lives, but neither side of Old Town compares to Bayside or Uptown. Except for Garik's time with his friends at Chow Down under Corona Tower, those are areas he can only dream of. One day he hopes they can be his.

Right-click on the map, open it in a new window, and you can enlarge it for greater detail. Enjoy your visit to Bay City!