Dr. Jamie Jimenez

Dr. Jamie Jimenez oversees the medical facility in the basements of the Corona Tower. The good doctor is normally seen in a white lab coat, often with a stethoscope or other medical device either around his neck or hanging from a pocket.

Dr. Jimenez insists that the program participants call him "Dr. Jamie." Anything else he considers disrespectful and even insulting, likely because the doctor signals his own doctor-patient relationships by how he references his patients. First name, if they are in good standing with him, last name (often with Miss or Mr. attached) if he feels they are uncooperative, or refusing to use their name at all if he considers them no longer viable within the parameters of the human-hybrid project. To be called "my boy" or a similar diminutive is the doctor's ultimate signal that you are no longer worthy of his time or attention.

Dr. Jimenez likes to consider himself "in the loop" with Weston Rodheimer and Halo Sunchaser, but in reality, he is no more than a tool in their eyes. If he performs well, he is accepted and praised for his advances. If not, they are ready to swat him aside like the irritant he has become.

Dr. Jimenez isn't inherently unkind. He is simply too focused on his own welfare to consider that anyone else might have one.

We first meet Dr. Jamie in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.