Amy Howe

Amy Howe has been successfully hybridized with a leafcutter bee.

Amy is petite, abnormally so. Her hair is an unusual yellow and brown mix, much like the bodies of some bees. Her hair color happened after she made her transition from fully human to human hybrid. 

Amy also wears fine down over her entire body, although you only notice up close. The hair is not really hair but a sensory organ that allows Amy to be hyper-aware of everything going on around her using air pressure and temperature to define her surroundings even in the dark. Amy's eyes sparkle with miniature green crystal-like formations. She can see individual images through each crystal in her eyes.

Amy is friendly and effervescent with everyone she meets. She has a slight buzz when she talks (her bee heritage!) and a slightly sweet (and pleasant) aroma similar to honey. Although her left arm is slightly shorter than her right, Amy is bothered more by her short stature. She had hoped to grow taller through inclusion in the Tower's human-hybrid project and has yet to accept that it will never happen.

We first meet Amy in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.