Devon Maye's Apartment

Devon Maye's apartment is located in Corona City on Basement Level 2.

Devon could take an outside apartment in Bay City and come in just for his daily sessions with the human hybrids in the research complex. He chooses to live in Corona City, a fully fledged underground mini city covering nearly eighteen city blocks. Parks, trees, and a community pool complete the picture, giving the illusion of an aboveground streetscape underneath the Corona Tower mall. The pool even has a glass roof that punches up through Level 1 and the mall for a full-fledged sunny experience during the middle of the day.

Devon's apartment follows the Corona City theme, with windows in the living room opening onto the "street" that leads past his home. 

Devon lives in a one-bedroom-plus-office configuration. To the right of a small entry hall is Devon's bedroom and the only bathroom. The bedroom has a walk-in closet. To the left of the entry is the living room. Behind that is a small kitchen and a dining area, and behind the kitchen is Devon's small office.

When Garik is assigned a full-time monitor (or guard) in Book 5, The Glass Siege, Garik moves into Devon's office and uses it as his bedroom. It shares a wall with the kitchen, so any activity in the kitchen early in the morning is as good as an alarm clock to him.

We first visit Devon Maye's apartment in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.