Kang's Garage

Kang's Garage is located in the southeast part of Bay City, an older area known as East Side just east of Stanwick Hill.

Kang's is notable for being the location where Garik Shayk discovered his Street Strider, his jet-turbine bike, rotting away underneath a shredded tarp. 

The garage is located on Meyers between Canfield and Hoover. From City View Apartments, follow Avenue C east 15 blocks past the Cowden Street Bridge, and go south on either Hoover or Canfield for 4 blocks. If you pass Summit, you've gone too far. Circle the block back to Meyers. A large, neon sign of a wrench turning a nut looks down on the surrounding real estate. You can't miss it.

We first learn of Kang's Garage in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, although we never actually visit it.