Leah Fortinier

Leah Fortinier is a nurse in the Corona Tower's research division. She works in the research hospital on Basement Level 4, but she is frequently seen with Dr. Jamie Jimenez, wherever his duties take him.

Leah is a medium-size women, neither young nor old, and she doesn't share much about herself. Even her hair is nondescript, a neutral brown. She wears little makeup.

Unerringly positive and polite, nothing seems to fluster Leah. Neither does anything seem to excite her. The human-hybrid project isn't a problem for Leah. It's a job, one she is good at, and she sees it that way. The ethics are left up to those in charge over her.

Leah spends her work week in an apartment assigned to her on Basement Level 2 with the researchers and other medical staff. The military who stay on campus are housed on Basement Level 1 and are rarely if ever seen on any of the lower floors, except for the most senior officers. Leah doesn't consider them part of her underground world, so they are off her radar.

Leah rarely shares anything personal. If she has any serious flaws or fractures in her background, they have yet to show themselves. She even takes Garik's references to her as Nurse Ratchett as a comical and endearing part of her day.

We first meet Leah in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.