Paolo Leveen

Paolo Leveen has been successfully combined with a pistol shrimp. Paolo normally wears gloves to disguise the long, claw-like nails on the ends of his fingers. They are the remnants of his DNA partner's aquatic claws and cover orifices that can shoot out boiling water almost as hot as the  sun. Less well known is that Paolo can create a sound blast at 200 decibels to stun his opponents.

Paolo is an outstanding fighter, but his true strength is found in his grasp of logistics.

Paolo is quick to stand up for his friends, even when it lands him in hot water, pun intended.

Paolo's less desirable qualities are no sense of numbers or money and a weakness for addictive substances, especially when he deals with his past history of abandonment.

Paolo moves sinuously, wrestles with nightmares, and desperately wants to reunite with his childhood friend who doesn't know about his transformation.

We first meet Paolo in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.