Ransom Communications Building

The Ransom Communications Building is located at Summit Ct. W. and Park Avenue on Stanwick Hill. The array of communication dishes and other broadcast paraphernalia atop the building can be seen from across Bay City.

The Ransom is owned by Corona Corporation, although much of the interior is leased to various information providers that service Bay City.

Although Garik Shayk knows little about the Ransom, it is a background landmark as intrinsic to Bay City as Central Park, Corona Tower, and Waldorf's Deparment Store. 

There are several ways to reach the Ransom Building from Garik's apartment on Maple. The easiest is to take Maple south two blocks, go east on Avenue F eleven blocks, and south on Park Avenue one block. The Ransom will be on the right, although you cannot access the Ransom from Park. Right on Summit Ct. W. will circle the Ransom and bring you back to Park. From the East Side, the powerline right-of-way separates Park Avenue from Powerline Drive for about twenty blocks, and you can only cross the powerline right-of-way at Cowden to the north or Buda to the south. Both require you to use Park or navigate additional streets to reach the Ransom.

We are introduced to the Ransom in Book 1 of the The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, but Garik first visits the iconic structure at the end of Book 3, The Mirror Cracks.