Stanwick Hill

Stanwick Hill is topped by the Ransom Communications Building, which towers over Bay City, even Corona Tower. 

The Ransom isn't as tall as the Tower, but Stanwick Hill gives it a boost, perfect for the communications array at the top of the Ransom. 

The Hill, as old-time residents call it, is named for Colonel William Stanwick, a player in the Mexican-American War, who traveled across the United States and the lands to the west to free California from its Mexican overlords, only to die in the first armed conflict of the journey when he attacked the Presidio of Cassel Bay in the early hours of December 6, 1846.

Stanwick Hill is bordered on the east by the powerline right-of-way. The area surrounding Stanwick Hill is often called Far South Bay City, one of the oldest sections of the city. Most original buildings on the Hill are long gone, and the ones there now are often decades past their prime. Even so, Stanwick Hill is considered prime real estate in Bay City. 

There is a small museum dedicated to Col. Stanwick in the Ransom Building, although it is visited infrequently. You can visit Stanwick's grave south of Bay City. Follow Park Avenue south until it becomes Cemetery Road, then look for the historical marker.

Stanwick Hill is introduced in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.