Avery Isken

Avery Isken holds the title of Specialist in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience in the labs in the research center on Level 2 in the Corona Tower basement complex.

Avery rotates to Level 5 twice a month to help with the research animals housed in the cages. Feeding. Cleaning. Culling, if necessary.

Avery finds the job of working on Level 5 a welcome respite from his time in the neuroscience lab, and he enjoys showing off what he does, often inviting visitors to follow along if they happen to arrive at feeding time. 

Avery received his degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a brother at Phi Gamma Delta. Avery's friendship with Jason Teague (introduced in Sunchaser's Gambit) through Phi Gamma Delta provided the link for Jason to also join the Corona Tower team.

Avery and Garik first meet in Book 3 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Mirror Cracks, when Garik visits the lowest level of the basement complex to find out what has happened to Justin Kurtew. Avery recognizes Garik, greets him warmly, and is vaguely disappointed Garik has no interest in watching the feeding of the caged research animals.