The Views

Corona Tower is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes on the West Coast. Although the specific location is never pinpointed in the story, imagine central California, with its rocky coastline, tree-covered hills, and views that reach to forever.

From Corona Tower, views to the north include Harbor Shipyards, a premier facility for shipping and construction. Cranes and warehouses give the Shipyards a city vibe of their own.

Just west of the Shipyards, The Docks reveal the life of a vital port city, with ships constantly coming and going. Much of the city is built on a hillside, and the Shipyards can be seen from most anywhere in Bay City that isn't obstructed by trees or other buildings.

West from The Docks, the undulating landscape of Cassel Dunes stretches for miles along the water, forming a fist of a peninsula thrusting into the Pacific Ocean.

Directly west from the Tower offers views of Waldorf's Department Store closer in and Argyle Station and Interstate Transport farther out on the edge of the city. South reveals the new City Hall at Ninth and Forest and Old City Hall at First and Sycamore. 

Farther south, Bay City rises to greet Stanwick Hill, where the Ransom Communications Building splits the sky with a pantheon of antennae atop its spire.

Southeast provides views of Central Park, with its beautiful duck pond; The Martial Arts Center containing the Ai Kee! facility; and Bay City Medical Center, which used to be where Corona Tower now sits.

Directly east, Corona Tower offers views of Bay City High and its expansive athletic facilities; the marshy floodlands north of Scenic Drive; and the wooded hills bordering Bay City's eastern reaches.

There's a reason Bay City's elite are willing to pay to visit or live in Stamford Suites on the Tower's first six floors. Just look out the windows. The view is all the explanation you need.

We are introduced to the views from Corona Tower at the beginning of Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, but the views from higher up in the Tower are explored to a greater degree as the story develops in later books. Our final views from the Tower come in Book 10 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Russian's Revenge, when Garik Shayk returns from the Yellowknife facility in Northwest Territories, Canada.