Paramilitary Team Member Prinz Alberts

Paramilitary Team Member Prinz Alberts wears the ruddy features of his British Anglo-Saxon ancestors. 

From home-grown Canadian stock, he hails from Prince Albert Island. With his last name, his parents thought it would be a good joke to name their son Prinz.

The name didn't go well with Alberts' school chums, and they made Alberts' life miserable. As an adult, Alberts vowed to never be on the short end of the stick again, and when the opportunity opened up for the hybridization process, he was one of the first volunteers.

Alberts is one of three men who "interrogate" John Carter. Carter is discovered driving Colonel Brace's SUV after it is stolen by Paul Gberie and Garik Shayk. Alberts winds up with a broken arm when Garik forcibly removes him from the interrogation process.

We meet Prinz Alberts for the first and only time in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.