We Got Junk

We Got Junk is located on Maple just off Ninth Street, perfect for reclaiming materials from home renovations in the upscale Shady Ridge Acres a block to the north (just across Ninth) and The Cliffs to the west 4 blocks. 

The resale shop's address might be on Maple, but it does have parking and an entrance directly on Ninth. The shop is in Bay City's Old Town West Side area, but the dividing line between Old Town and the trendier Bayside to the North is Ninth, and Downtown Bayside traffic drives the shop's sales.

Wesji Scarab inherited the business from his Uncle Ronji several decades back and has focused on repurposing equipment both for the affuent people to the north and west and the less affluent Old Town neighborhoods. The business does so well, Wesji bought an older home on Vista in The Cliffs neighborhood and is remodeling it with the best of the We Got Junk inventory.

We Got Junk is Garik's go-to source for used equipment when he needs to repair his Street Strider (or anything else). Wesji ususally lets Garik work off what he needs in time around the shop rather than with money (which Garik never seems to have).

We first visit We Got Junk in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.