Bay City Overlook Estates

Bay City Overlook Estates Final 3

Overlook Estates is the place for the deep pockets of Bay City to enjoy the views without flashing their money like tinfoil dimes.

All entrances to Overlook Estates, including Harvard Ct., Dartmouth Ct., Oxford Ct. and Princeton Ct., are situated to protect the privacy of anyone entering or exiting the secretive Corona Parking Garage entrance. After all, with the number of cars that enter the garage, there must be something going on that no one in Bay City is privy to.


That many cars would never fit in the two-story parking garage.

So, security cameras in Overlook Estates are never aimed at Corona Tower. Corona Tower makes sure of that, and the Bay City Police Department helps anytime they are requested to help the residents of Overlook Estates upgrade their security camera positioning.

Money talks ... and gets things done, and Corona Tower has all the money they need. Deep pockets are only the half of it. Being funded by the U.S. military gives them even deeper sources of easy cash.

Despite the wealth centered in Overlook Estates, anyone can drive through and gawk. Most of the homes are discreetly situated and hardly out there for show. That alone makes them more alluring than ever!

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