Corona Tower is a 40-story glass-and-steel skyscraper located in Bay City on the location of the original Bay City Medical Center. 

When Corona Corporation selected Bay City for its worldwide headquarters, the ageing Bay City Med and Trauma building and accessory structures were ripe for redevelopment. Corona Corporation negotiated with Bay City and donated land and cash for a new medical center in the Bay City Industrial Park going in on the southeast side (officially known as Old Town East Side). Since the new location bordered the East Side Parks Area, on city maps, the new Bay City Medical Complex's designation falls in the East Side Parks Area.

As part of Corona Tower's negotiations with the city, a 64-square-block area was replatted into one contiguous city block now known as the Corona Tower Mall. All city utilities and other infrastructure were rerouted during the Tower's construction enabling them to build the five basement floors that make up the secretive research center underneath the mall.

The Tower has a grand lobby, six residential floors known as Stamford Suites, a glass-walled pool and gym area, and the Stamford Suites Grill for the discerning residents that choose to call the Tower home. Except for the 10-Plex cinema, the Tower's amenities are reserved for those who can afford to live there. 

Chow Down, the restaurant underneath the Tower, is fully open to the public, however, and offers good food at cheap prices as a way to create goodwill with the locals. 

The Tower's logo shows the building shattering into black silicon glitter. It's what the building does every evening and throughout the night. The phenomenal display can be observed from throughout Bay City.

The effect mesmerizes Garik Shayk. He knows it can't be true and is challenged to discover what makes it seem so realistic. He desires more than almost anything to stand on the mall as the black glitter falls around him.

That's a privilege reserved for the Tower richies. All Garik can do is envy from afar.

Corona Tower is bordered by Sycamore Avenue on the west, Lowell on the north, Stamford Drive on the east, and Corona Street on the south. A two-story parking garage is located along Stamford Drive. 

We first discover Corona Tower in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

The Corona Tower wall rises from ground level only when an "event" is happening on the mall. 

While promoted to the general public, the mall events are always sold out when the public tries to purchase admission. As a security measure (and to allow the human hybrids outside of the basement research complex while the events are in play), a wall rises out of the sidewalks surrounding the 64-square-block mall before each event and remains raised until the event has wound down and all hybrids have returned to the basement complex. 

The wall rises twelve feet high and seems impenetrable, although the goings-on inside can be viewed from many places in Bay City. That's the point in the lightshow that makes it appear the Tower shatters into silicon glitter and crumbles to the ground. It's all distraction, sleight of hand, a way to keep the show on the ground less obvious than the one overhead.

Getting past the wall is one of Garik Shayk's greatest frustrations. Once inside the Tower, getting out is another matter altogether.

We first learn of the Tower's wall in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

City Hall fronts on Ninth Street, running three city blocks and bisecting Forest Avenue and McKinley. North from Ninth, Forest runs six blocks to Corona Tower, one of the ritziest retail locations in Bay City. The Luncheon Lady fronts Ninth and Forest, directly across from City Hall, and draws in the City Hall crowd at mealtimes. Also, the boutique eatery provides a delivery service directly to City Hall for those who wish to call in their orders. Delivery is included in the price of all The Luncheon Lady's Uptown East Side call-in orders.

We first discover The Luncheon Lady in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Masti's Deli is located on Sycamore in the affluent Uptown section of East Side about four blocks from the influencial and domineering Corona Tower. If you want a specialty item, Masti's is your place of choice. The deli is also only four blocks from the boutiques and specialty restaurants that line upper Forest Avenue leading from the new City Hall directly to Corona Tower.

Just across Sycamore from Masti's is Shady Ridge Acres, an upscale residential area comprising tree-lined winding streets and numerous cul-de-sacs. Shady Ridge patrons reach Masti's via Tenth, crossing Sycamore, and going left one block to the delicatessen.

We first discover Masti's Deli in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Swizzel's Shoes is located at Ninth and Forest Avenue. Across the street to the east is The Luncheon Lady, a boutique deli that caters to the City Hall crowd.

Just south across Ninth is City Hall. 

Forest Avenue used to run from Park Avenue 13 blocks south to the old Bay City Med complex 7 blocks north. When the new City Hall was built, two blocks of Forest and adjacent McKinley were eaten by the six square blocks allocated to the new city building and its surroundings. 

The area south of City Hall might have less convenient access to Swizzel's Shoes, but the real money is north towards Corona Tower. The richies in Shady Ridge Acres can access Swizzel's from Ninth, and Overlook Estates can take Corona west to Forest and go south for 6 blocks. Pill Hill and the old money located there is within walking distance, except no one in Pill Hill would deign to walk even two blocks to shop for shoes. What are chauffeurs for, after all?

Swizzel's Shoes is in a new construction building, with pink stucco and white, ornamental crown molding outside, but Swizzel's Shoes has a long history with Bay City. They were originally located on Tenth, Ext., one block north of Tenth, in the old MacDouglas Apothecary Building. The MacDouglas, adjacent to Pill Hill, was ripe for conversion to upscale condos, and West Coast Remodeling and Leasing bought out their lease and offered them ten years free rent in the new digs on Forest.

Swizzel's shoes also offers a cobbler service for upscale shoes that need a resole or other quality repair work.

We first encounter Swizzel's Shoes in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.