Basement Level 1

Everyone knows city office towers have basements. There must be somewhere to house the custodial staff, the mechanical systems, and the storage of items such as unused furniture, paper towels, and holiday decorations.

Basement Level 1 under the massive Corona Tower spills out to cover the entire Corona Tower mall, stretching eight blocks in every direction. That's 64 city blocks of basement on just this one floor.

Basement Level 1 is enormous, offering room for just about anything the builders of the Tower could envision. The first priority? Parking. A structure such as this needs a lot of staff to keep it operational, and that much staff needs a lot of parking. Fully one third of Basement Level 1 is reserved for parking for the five-level basement research complex. Also, visitors (only invited of course, and few of those) will find staffing offices, business offices, three conference rooms, military housing for long-term residency situations, two commercial kitchens, a dining hall, and a foyer/public space/lobby with ample space to meet-and-greet.

The first thing you will notice upon entering Basement Level 1 is the ceiling height. It soars to twenty feet, with much of the space open and airy. Bright colors, sleek furniture, and modern art lend a museum-like quality to the space. 

At least in the foyer/lobby. This is a place that doesn't feel the least like a basement. Come on in. Enjoy the coffee. The weather's fine all the time.

Although we don't visit until in a later book, we learn of Basement Level 1 in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.