Andrew Miner

Andrew Miner works for the research project as a financial analyst and fund coordinator.

Andrew's eating habits have given him a barrel of a body; he can barely button his jacket.

Andrew has no vanity. He refuses to wear a tie. He combs his hair over his balding pate because that's the way he's always combed it. His teeth are stained from years of drinking coffee.

Andrew always has a joke to ease a situation. He once got stuck in an airplane seat and made jokes about it, but he refuses to fly again.

He is always certain he has stepped in gum, and he frequently checks the soles of his shoes for gum residue. His asthma gets in the way of his desire to scale Devon’s climbing wall, but if he ever loses the weight, he intends to have a go.

We first meet Andrew in Book 3 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Mirror Cracks.