Christian Maguire

Christian Maguire is considered a failure in his human-hybrid transformation, but not because he failed to incorporate useful characteristics from his introduced DNA.

Christian's lack of aggression and refusal to cooperate with the shadier side of the Tower's programs have made him unacceptable for the military's needs. 

Christian is blended with a wolfhound, and from his canine DNA, he has acquired precognition. His precog lets him see twelve hours into the future, but only events that directly affect him. 

Christian's eyes have black centers bordered by blue, and that is surrounded by lighter blue. He is tall and excessively lanky, with outsized arms and legs, and a rough, tousled appearance, like an overgrown puppy. Christian is friendly and affectionate to a fault but doesn't tolerate being alone. 

If you are around Christian much, be prepared. Just like the giant, ungainly wolfhound, Christian sheds on everything and everyone around him.

Christian also struggles with his weight. He is naturally strong but tends to be lazy, and it is hard for him to burn off what he eats.

We first meet Christian in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.