Bay City Medical Complex

The Bay City Med and Trauma building was originally located within the 64 city blocks now commanded by Corona Tower and the wide-open space of the Corona Tower mall.

The original facility (now gone) was built in the late 1940s to replace an ageing structure dating from pre-WWI. State of the art at the time, the single building housed a surgical ward, an outpatient clinic, and a three-story block of patient rooms. Doctors’ offices and administration facilities were in a separate building built in the 1950s to allow expansion, creating the new Cancer Treatment Center, vital to the West Coast. Bay City's location allowed for easy access for people arriving for treatment by ship, rail, highway, or via Bay City's new airport.

When the Corona Corporation selected Bay City for its worldwide headquarters (for the same reason the Cancer Treatment Center had experienced phenomenal success), the old Bay City Med and Trauma building and the accessory structures that had sprung up to support the thriving medical center were ripe for conversion to a new use. Corona Corporation offered to buy and donate a large tract in the new Bay City Industrial Park going in on the southeast side.

City Council permission to combine the 64 city blocks around the old medical center into one tract, including rerouting all utilities and other infrastructure, took more convincing. Hence, Corona Corporation's $20m donation for naming rights to the Corona Cancer Center at the new Bay City Medical Complex.

The new medical complex is set off from the industrial park by a tall, masonary wall fronted by elaborate landscaping and flowering trees. Located on First and Industrial, the medical complex is easily accessible to The Parks area via Park Avenue. From The Parks, take Park Avenue south to First, and east 8 blocks to the medical complex's entrance. From Corona Tower, take Sycamore south 12 blocks and turn east on First. 

Bay City Medical maintains several Proximity Care emergency clinics around Bay City, all partially funded by the Corona Corporation as part of the City Council's agreement to replat the 64-block tract where Corona Tower now stands into one city block.

We first learn of Bay City Medical Center in Book 3 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Mirror Cracks.